Biztrack understands Business the importance of Business Setup In Dubai because that Middle East and international investors consider the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be an important part of their activities.

Setting up a company in the UAE has never been so easy and mastering it makes it easier. If you are looking for a business partner to facilitate your business formation in the UAE and launch your dream platform without any hassle, contact our team for assistance.

FreeZone Business Setup

Free Zone

BizTrack assists you with incorporating your company across all the Free Zone in the UAE. Free zone Business Setup Dubai is best suited to your specific business requirements.
Mainland Business Setup


Our mainland solution enables you to set up your company and trade freely throughout the UAE while maintaining 100% control of your business.
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Business Support

We support you way beyond setting up your business. Our range of services and partnerships ensure you get off to the best start possible.

Affordable Business
Setup In Dubai

If you are looking for a Business hub that contains the ideal ambiance to start up a business Dubai is certainly the place to be. Dubai is a premier city space within the UAE that has numerous businesses from brand names grand and small that take on the spotlight in their own special ways all with similar budgets, ease, efficiency, speed, and service.

You will be spoilt with choice when time comes for you to explore Dubai Business Setup due to the extensive number of options available starting from budgets, licenses, location and amenities. Business has strong standing in terms of numerous benefits which include tax, savings, friendly governance, futuristic infrastructure, luxurious lifestyle, and a rich landscape full of ever evolving opportunities.

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    Free zone business setup dubainbspBiztrack Business

    Setup Your Company
    in Dubai World Trade Center

    A Free Zone licence is the foundational document required to do business within Free Zone Company Setup In Dubai. Free zone licenses entitle companies of all sizes to enjoy a number of benefits to operating in Dubai. They also enable companies with prior presence nationally or internationally to establish a new branch with DWTC or move operations entirely.

    In order to obtain a free zone Licence, you must first select the type of Company you wish to form. The Free Zone offers a highly competitive, single-point of contact operation for corporations, affording them a unique and flexible offering to operate seamlessly, including as an onshore registered business, under an independent free-zone license or as a dual licensed entity from within the same zone.

    100% Foreign Ownership

    Dual licensing opportunities

    No restriction on foreign employees



    When considering business setup in Dubai, UAE the location is a highly prioritized factor among entrepreneurs to consider. Low cost alternatives are definitely made possible with the launch of several free zones or the mainland (sometimes referred to as onshore).

    Proprietorship Versus Partnership Factors For Business Setup In Dubai

    The legal entity under which you are to establish your Business Setup In Dubai, UAE is another key factor in determining how to make the best plan for your venture. The number of shareholders required for Dubai Business Setup differs according to the nature of your business and our team of experts and in-house lawyers at BizTrack will be helping you with full scale services such as conducting feasibility studies, due diligence, corporate structuring towards successful Company Formation in Dubai.

    Specialty Versus Activities For Dubai Business Setup

    An integral part of Business Setup in Dubai, UAE includes the scope of work or activities that you will be including within your trade license. Business entities that have a specialization in a specific field will have a straightforward choice when it comes to the chosen activity. However, Mainland business setup in Dubai if you have a broader scope of business there are multiple variations of options available.

    best Dubai business setup BizTrack takes into account each and every single one of such factors when you partner with us for business setup in Dubai, UAE. Our in – house team is dedicated completely to honing in years of experience and prowess to give you the best business solutions matched with your needs. Business setup services in dubai is only the beginning of the partnership that BizTrack aims to build. We see each of our clients as strategic partners and since our inception we have aimed to be a one stop shop for all aspects related to not just setting up but completely establishing your organization Freezone business setup UAE.

    Join us for a UAE business setup journey that is geared for your growth as we build a revolutionary model for the UAE marketplace, to serve full scale solutions starting from company registration with value added services, hassle free legalese, and flexible payment plans with an in house team that boasts years of industry experience and wide domain expertise, your queries are aptly factored into the equation as we are focused on making the process as convenient and straightforward as possible.

    The Where, What and How To’s of UAE Business Setup

    When it comes to UAE business setup, choosing the right location and selecting the trade license that is best suited to you can seem like a daunting task but it is in fact the most crucial factor to establishing a successful business in the UAE.

    Here are the main components of UAE Business Setup and a brief overview of the company formation process:

    Wholly Foreign Owned Entities

    Under the commercial companies law which regulates business setup within the seven Emirates, only the following business entities can be completely foreign owned.

    1. Free Zone Companies

    Foreign entrepreneurs can proceed with Dubai business setup in the form of a Limited Liability company within Free Zones without the participation of a UAE National in the shareholding.

    Key advantage: Free zone companies serve as the perfect regional distribution or holding center for an international trading company, the bulk of whose business is conducted outside the UAE.

    1. Professional Services Companies

    UAE business setup with a professional services company begins as a Limited Liability Company that provides professional services in the UAE without having an Emirati partner :

    Although an Emirati partner is not required, this business entity is mandated to appoint a local service agent and a local auditor before the commencement of their operations.

    Key advantage : This type of UAE Business Setup is recommended for clients who are looking to engage in professional services including legal and accounting firms, IT, management and marketing consultancies.

    1. UAE Branch Office

    This UAE Business setup option is mainly for foreign companies looking to set up operations within the UAE without registering a local office by establishing a branch office to invoice customers in the UAE, sign local sales contracts, and receive income from local customers.

    Key Advantage : This type of business entity is mainly for those who are looking to set up their business headquarters in the UAE.

    1. Offshore Companies

    UAE business setup with this business entity is incorporated in one of the offshore business centres in the UAE, without a physical presence. This type of company is not permitted to conduct business in the UAE, including Free Zone areas, this type of company can only conduct its business outside the UAE.

    Key advantage : this type of company is recommended for foreign entrepreneurs looking to work with the African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets without incurring any tax liabilities.

    Business Entities that Mandate Local Shareholding

    1. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    UAE business setup with a Limited Liability company requires at least 2 shareholders, one of whom must be a UAE national with 51% of the shareholding attributed to him.

    Key advantage: The Limited Liability Company is the most popular form of foreign entity for foreign investors looking to conduct their business in the UAE mainland.

    1. Limited Partnership

    Dubai Business Setup with limited partnership can be forged by at least one general partner who will be liable for the partnership’s liabilities to the full extent of its assets and one participating partner only liable to the extent of their individual investments and shares.

    Key advantages: The Limited partnership business entity is recommended for professionals in such fields such as law, accounting, and auditing firms.

    Get complete access to the legal guidance that you require through BizTrack with value added services from our team of experts along with a free consultation on where you can begin your business planning today!

    Mainland Company Formation in Ajman

    Buzzing with a wide array of business opportunities, The process of Mainland Company formation in Ajman is widely known for its fast and effective processing times and with the help of BizTrack’s expert lawyers the process is further expedited. We make sure to walk you through the entire licensing process without any roadblocks along the way. Ajman is a booming business incubator with a high chance for growth and capitalization with ease of bureaucracy, an interconnected community and modern resources.

    How can I start Mainland Company Formation in Ajman?

    The steps involved towards mainland company formation in Ajman are done with complete ease through the help of our expertise but to give you a complete overview of the process that we will be undertaking as your legal counsel and advisors are listed below:

    1. Company Application submission

    We will preparing any necessary documents required as well filling in the forms and paperwork that are required to begin your company application through the Sharjah municipality.

    1. Obtain Approval From authorities

    Next step in the process involves garnering approval from the inspection unit of the municipality to ensure your business address and business activity, Low Cost Business Setup In Dubai.

    1. Trade Name Approval

    A remarkable feat towards starting your business involves getting your trade name approved to have your business officially registered with the government along with the issuance of your membership certificate.

    1. Submit All the Approval

    Our team at BizTrack will be doing the heavy lifting for you by submitting all information and and receipts to get accepted into the Register of companies through the Ministry of Trade, Low Cost Business Setup In Dubai.

    1. Receive Your Business License

    Finally we will be filing all documents necessary for the release of your official mainland company trade license in Ajman.

    Types of Business Licences for Mainland Company Formation in Ajman

    1. National Industrial License
    2. Trading License
    3. Industrial License
    4. Professional / Service License
    5. E – Commerce License
    6. General Maintenance License

    Key Advantages of Mainland Company formation in Ajman

    100% Foreign Company Ownership

    1. Next to zero taxes imposed and complete repatriation of business capital
    2. 100% legal exemption from import and export duties
    3. Cost Effective Business Set up
    4. Modern Infrastructure
    5. Strategic locations
    6. Lowest prices for office Rentals

    Setup Your Business In Jabel Ali Freezone

    The Jebel Ali area is 30 km from the city center of Dubai and is one of the leading ports in the Dubai International Ports Group. This region was devoted to building one of the largest international ports, which is Jebel Ali Port, which is the largest man-made port in the world and is classified among the ten largest ports. For containers in the world.

    BizTrack is your one stop solution for all your Business Setup In Dubai needs within the UAE. We help you begin the Mainland Company Formation In Ajman from scratch and provide you with all of the solutions that you need for a successful Dubai, Ajman or sharjah with our expert team of legal professionals.

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