BizTrack Business consultant in Dubai understands the importance of Business Because that Middle East and international investor consider the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to be an important part of their activities.

Your success will largely be determined by your understanding of the market. You need to have a thorough grasp of the local procedures, players you will be competing with, and ways to make inroads. This will ensure that every cent you spend on establishing your Low Cost Business Setup In Dubai, UAE will invested and worthwhile.


BizTrack business consultant in Dubai through us is the real deal as we make sure we guide you through each process from the starting to the end including trademark registration, Freezone business setup, Mainland Business Setup in Dubai, Business Bank Account, PRO, etc. Our consultants help assist and make your life easier and your dreams come true!
Our visa processing services are tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. We offer assistance with various visa types, including investor, employment, and family visas. Our team will manage the entire process, from application submission to visa issuance.
Our company registration services are designed to make your entry into the UAE's business landscape as possible. We guide you through the entire process, from choosing the right business structure and jurisdiction to registering your company with the relevant authorities. Whether you plan to establish a mainland, free zone, or offshore company, we’ll ensure that all legal requirements are efficiently and promptly met.
We assist you with corporate shareholders to protect your privacy, in jurisdictions that deem it an acceptable arrangement.
You can now save time while getting company registration done and utilize that time and effort on your business
Acquiring the necessary trade licenses and permits can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our team will assist you in identifying the appropriate licenses for your business, navigating the application process, and maintaining compliance with local regulations. This includes licenses for commercial, industrial, and professional activities as well as any sector-specific permits.
Statutory review and comparison of company and registry records to ensure compliance with prevailing regulations. Corporate Secretarial alert: setting-up, monitoring and updating of corporate calendar.

Convening, holding and drafting of all minutes of boards of directors and general meeting of shareholders.

Making the business entity setup process easy and operational.

Approval of annual accounts, appointment of auditor.

Keeping and maintenance of statutory registers and minute books.

Simple (inter group) share transfers; share issues and transfers.
Finding the perfect workspace in the UAE can be a challenging task. Our workspace solutions are designed to help you identify and secure the ideal office space for your business. We provide a range of options, including fully serviced offices, coworking spaces, and commercial properties for lease or purchase.
We offer personalized support in finding residential properties that meet your preferences, budget, and location requirements.
Our focus is to help your organization thrive with an end-to-end approach
1. Audit Compliances
2. Secretarial Compliance
3. Tax Compliance
4. Labour Law Compliance

Human Resources Support Services

1. Sourcing & Hiring
2. Employment Contracts and Onboarding
3. HR Compliance & Administration
4. Policy Documentation and Control
5. Expatriate Management
We are confident that we can help you with any of your directorship needs.

At BizTrack, we make sure that region-specific directors are assigned for the job. We make sure that all the roles and responsibilities are taken care of by the designated individual. Here are the following roles that our skilled directors can take care of
We offer the unmatched expertise that helps businesses with company and specific legal entity formation.
At BizTrack Group, we help companies take care of Market Entry Strategy Development and provide them with coaching services
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    Dubai Company Setup & Registration

    BizTrack Business consultancy Provide Company Setup & Registration Services or PRO provides foreign investors with a complete Dubai company formation solution and this begins with identifying the correct legal entity or corporate service for your business.

    Dubai Company Setup Services

    Company Setup
    Are you considering setting up a company in Dubai? Our expert team is here to provide you with comprehensive services and guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and successful setup.

    With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we serve clients from all around Europe, Asia, and America, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs.
    Business Consultancy
    Award Winning Business Setup Consultant In Dubai Offer Fast, Friendly & efficient Services To Setup Your Business. Guidance and assistance with setting up your business in compliance with UAE regulations.
    Build Your Business
    A fundamental document needed to do business within the Free Zone in Dubai is the Free Zone license.

    Getting this license will enable your company to enjoy the many benefits of operating professionally in Dubai.

    Even the companies with a prior presence can build a new branch with DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre) or move operations entirely if they wish to explore that option.

    If you are interested in getting a free zone license then you must choose the kind of company you wish to build and work on building it seriously.

    This Free Zone will offer organizations an ability to operate seamlessly and including them as an offshore registered business under an independent free zone license and also as a dual-licensed entity from the same zones.
    Business Hub
    Business hub that contains the ideal ambiance to start up, a business setup service in Dubai is certainly ideal for you.

    Dubai is a premier city space within the UAE that has numerous businesses from brand names grand and small that take on the spotlight in their own special ways all with similar budgets, ease, efficiency, speed, and service.

    You will be spoilt with choice when the time comes for you to explore the best business consultancy services in Dubai, UAE due to the extensive number of options available starting from budgets, licenses, location, and amenities.

    The business has a strong standing in terms of numerous benefits which include tax, savings, friendly governance, futuristic infrastructure, a luxurious lifestyle, and a rich landscape full of ever-evolving opportunities.


    When considering business setup consultancy in Dubai, UAE, the location is a highly prioritized factor among entrepreneurs to consider. Low-cost alternatives are definitely made possible with the launch of several free zones on the mainland (sometimes referred to as onshore).

    Business Consultant in Dubai, UAEBusiness Consultant In Dubai

    The legal entity under which you are to establish your Business Consultancy is another key factor in determining how to make the best plan for your venture. The number of shareholders required for Business Consultancy differs according to the nature of your business, and our team of experts and in-house lawyers at BizTrack will be helping you with full-scale services such as conducting feasibility studies, due diligence, and corporate structuring toward successful business setup in Dubai.

    Specialty Activities For Business Consultant In Dubai

    An integral part of business Consultancy Dubai includes the scope of work or activities that you will include within your trade license. Business entities that have a specialization in a specific field will have a straightforward choice when it comes to the chosen activity. If you have a broader scope of business, there are multiple variations of options are available.

    BizTrack as the best business setup consultancy in Dubai considers each of these factors when you partner with us to do business.

    Our in-house team is dedicated completely to honing in years of experience and prowess to give you the best business solutions matched with your needs. Business Consultancy services in Dubai are only the beginning of the partnership, BizTrack aims to build. Since our inception, we have aimed to be a one-stop shop for all aspects related to not just setting up but completely establishing your organization.

    Join us for a UAE business setup journey that is geared for your growth as we build a revolutionary model for the UAE marketplace to serve full-scale solutions starting from company registration with value-added services, hassle-free legalese, and flexible payment plans with an in house team that boasts years of industry experience and wide domain expertise.

    Get in Touch with the Best Business Consultant in Dubai, UAE

    When it comes to UAE business setup, choosing the right location and selecting the best trade license suited to you can seem like a daunting task. Still, it is, in fact, the most crucial factor in establishing a successful business in the UAE.

    Here are the main components of UAE Business Consultancy in Dubai and a brief overview of the company formation process:

    Under the commercial companies law, which regulates business setup within the seven Emirates, only the following business entities can be completely foreign-owned. Business Foreign entrepreneurs can proceed with Dubai business Consultancy in the form of a Limited Liability Company within Free Zones without the participation of a UAE National in the shareholding.

    Key advantage: Free zone companies serve as the perfect regional distribution or holding center for an international trading company, the bulk of whose business is conducted outside the UAE.