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June 30, 20210

If you made your mind to start the business in Dubai you should be now looking for Business Setup Services in Dubai. Are you brave enough to follow in the footsteps of the most successful people and start your own business? Then there’s no better location to do it than the United Arab Emirates. The country has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and is growing at such a breakneck pace that many major corporations wish they had set up shop here sooner. Nonetheless, the procedure of forming a business in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, or any other UAE emirate may be perplexing, tying up aspiring entrepreneurs in knots. You must be looking for a business consultant in Dubai.

Business setup service in dubainbspBiztrack Business
If you have a great idea and want to turn it into a successful business in Dubai, we can help with Business Setup services in Dubai Biztrack is a group of dedicated consultants with a lot of experience who want to make things easier for you. you would-be entrepreneurs in the UAE. Everything from document preparation to verifying with authorities and assisting with visa applications is covered by our support services. As a result, partnering with our business advisors in Dubai allows you to focus on what matters most to you while leaving the complexities of company formation to the specialists.

Things to Focus Before Hiring a Consultant

Before looking for Business Setup Services in Dubai. Businesses that are established in a foreign nation have several advantages and disadvantages. Every foreigner in Dubai requires guidance with appropriate business establishments. Because it’s critical to have a deep understanding of your options before deciding how to establish your company’s presence in the UAE and establish Business in Dubai. Making the wrong decision could stifle your company’s overall growth in the UAE so hiring a consultant for Business Setup Services in Dubai is an important thing to look for. So keep the following considerations in mind as you choose the right structure and right company for your needs.

  • The current status of your business.
  • On a local level, audits and other compliance responsibilities must be satisfied.
  • Business growth plans.
  • Tax implications’ structures.

In the future, investors will be enticed to personal responsibility and business risk.

  • A mix of people and businesses.
  • Investable funds are now accessible.
  • A desire to invest in the UAE or demand for foreign investors.

You don’t just wake up one morning and be able to start a business in Dubai; you need a strategy and a decision and finding the appropriate firm that can handle it all will be a godsend for new foreign investors looking to start a business in Dubai.

No matter if you want to take advantage of the UAE’s free zones, no matter what your business is about? However, because each free zone has its own set of rules, you may find it difficult to comply with all of them. This is never an issue when you work with Biztrack and you can rely on it. For Business Setup services in Dubai.

Biztrack experts will assist you in determining the best business structure for you, allowing you to enjoy 100 percent ownership, significant tax benefits, and hassle-free capital repatriation. We’ll apply for an appropriate operating license on your behalf and submit all necessary paperwork to the authorities. Furthermore, we will handle all pre-approvals for you, so you won’t have to.

Main Business Setup services in Dubai

The main services needed for the for Business Setup Services in Dubai.

  • Free consultation
  • Company registration
  • Opening bank account
  • Dubai company liquidation
  • Visa Stamping
  • Trademark Registration
  • Pro Services
  • Family Visa
  • Buying &selling  of Business
  • Dubai Free zone setup
  • Dubai Main zone Setup
Company registration

We realize how difficult it is to establish a new business in a foreign location. One of the Business Setup services in Dubai includes company registration. It is quite difficult to comprehend the rules of the nation in which an entrepreneur wants to establish his or her firm. As a result, to form a business in Dubai, UAE, a person needs to use an expert firm. Individuals may finish the company establishment process fast and easily with the aid of these sorts of service providers. We’ll manage all of the processes on your behalf at Biztrack, contacting the appropriate authorities and government departments along the route to take the stress out of setting up a company in the UAE.

It is not simple to register a corporation in Dubai. However, Biztrack skilled and trained staff can make it happen without difficulty. In only a few hours, you can get a business license. We are here to help you with the whole business registration procedure in Dubai, UAE, where you may choose between 25+ free zones or a local company in any of the seven emirates. If you wish to start wholesaling, importing items, or running a retail business such as a supply or a store/shop, we can help you draw out a plan that is required by the concerned legal authorities to establish a company in Dubai.

Registration services include:

  • The market study on specific goods and the market.
  • Employment Numbers Space was needed for the Visa and the Office.
  • Capital, Finance, and Investment.
  • Efforts and aspects for your company’s success from competitors and suppliers.

As a result, you should select the firm for the Business Setup services in Dubai that can offer you basic consulting services at the lowest possible cost. Biztrack has been serving the people of the UAE for many years, making us one of the most reputable business consulting firms in the region.

Trademark Registration:

Trade Mark Registration Business Setup services in Dubai. Biztrack can also assist with trademark registration in Dubai. Because we know that trademark registration is an unavoidable element of the company formation process across the world. It’s a one-of-a-kind identifier that’s recognized all over the world.

business setup servicesnbspBiztrack Business

The essential patent characteristics of a trademark

  • Choosing a unique business name.
  • The procedure for registering a company name.
  • Creating an attractive logo.
  • Sole Proprietorship.
  • Rights to Global Ownership.

The Importance of a Trademark

Other dealers with the same name are not permitted and at the same time, it adds value to the brand. We can assist you in registering a trademark not only in the UAE but also in the GCC and China, with Ministry of Economy authorization. A trademark is a type of intellectual property that is an inevitable element of the process of forming a company and included in the Business Setup services in Dubai.

LLC Company

LLC company creation in UAE is the most prevalent type of business included in the Business Setup services in Dubai. A local service agent or business partner with 51 percent or more of the company’s stock is required. With the fact that this is the only option that offers you maximum legal ownership, i.e. 49 percent to ex-pats for a local firm, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders can create an LLC corporation in Dubai, and their liability is restricted to the value of their shares in the firm’s capital.

The yearly Sponsorship cost for forming a Dubai LLC business can range from $4000 for a small store to millions of dollars for a major international corporation. Biztrack the most dependable source for expert assistance on mainland Dubai company creation. LLC company formation, or any other sort of Dubai business establishment.

Benefits of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United Arab Emirates:

  • The investor’s family is granted preferential visa rights.
  • Credit cards and bank accounts are available to the investor.
  • The investor may concentrate on his or her business without being disturbed by a sleeping companion or a corporate service representative.
  • Subsidiaries can be started by the investor.
  • The corporation would own the paper and assets, not the local partner.

Visa Stamping:

To modify their immigration status to Resident in the UAE, all persons who want to set up their business in Dubai in the UAE must have a visa stamped on their passport. Our PRO Services section will take care of the burden of stamping visas for your workers or business partners. For Visa Stamping, you’ll need a medical card. Before stamping the visa in your passport. After hiring a company offering Business Setup services in Dubai. You are now ready to apply for your visa after forming your company in Dubai. Our public relations officers can assist you in getting your visa stamped.

Buying and selling of the Business:

The UAE’s economy is quickly recovering from the crisis, and corporate buying and selling are booming. Some seasonal entrepreneurs want to sell their operating enterprises, and there is a long line of investors who are eager to buy the business.

When it comes to business operations, and business setup services in Dubai. we provide the option of selling a business (as a Professional Seller) while also representing an investor (as a Professional Buyer) interested in purchasing a firm. We are a one-stop-shop for business buyers and sellers in Dubai. As one of the top business consultants in Dubai, we constantly conduct exercises on B2B fluctuations to maintain our position as one of the top business consultants in Dubai for sellers who receive the best value for their business and fully satisfied financiers who do not regret their purchase.

Exceptional Pro-business setup services in Dubai:

Our Public Relations Services have progressed from a basic role to a more inventive one that may successfully employ two-way communication (process) between the company and its concerned public sectors. We provide PRO services in every type of document clearance service. We have a cost-effective solution for all sorts of businesses. The staff is comprised of qualified, competent, and experienced Emiratis who will interact with government agencies on your behalf.

The number of public relations of business setup services in Dubai operating in the region is a reliable indicator of the industry’s growth. The previous ten years have seen the most significant growth. Market worth is harder to determine, with estimates ranging from US$ 500 million to almost  $1 billion, depending on what is included in the qualified consultancies, media monitoring fees, event management, print production, and so on.

UAE National Local Partner with Reliable Reputation:

A UAE resident is required to operate as a “local service agent” for a Limited Liability Company under the UAE Companies Law. A UAE native must operate as a “Local professional service agent” for LLC to comply with UAE company legislation. Where foreign stock in the firm cannot exceed 49 percent, the local partner must have a majority equity holding of 51 percent or greater. Companies are frequently concerned about entering the market and hiring a local partner.

We will find you a trustworthy and multitasking individual who will help the company and not just be a sleeping partner. We aim to raise awareness for these entrepreneurs and educate international visitors to our country about the need of having a professional local corporate service agent when forming a firm. We provide a communication and networking channel for authorities since foreigners are unfamiliar with the procedures for communicating with officials in our country. We are the link; we make the shortcut possible because business setup services in Dubai Biztrack trust in the expertise and solutions they will bring to the table, so we adjust it and offer it in a local setting.

Liquidation services by Biztrack:

If you choose business setup services in Dubai like Biztrack for the liquidation procedure. You should know what is it. Liquidation is a legal insolvency procedure in which a business is brought to an end (sometimes known as “winding up” or “closing”), with all of its assets sold and the profits used to repay debts, pay expenditures, and distribute any leftover balance to the firm’s owners. When a firm is liquidated, it stops conducting business and no longer employs employees. The business license of a company is canceled upon liquidation, its name is deleted from the Trade Registry, and the firm is deemed to have ceased to exist.

Even if there are no debts owed to creditors, legally liquidating a firm rather than merely letting your trade license expire is strongly recommended. When a corporation is legally liquidated, several steps must be followed. Ignoring these may result in a variety of penalties, as well as the ‘blacklisting’ of the business, its directors, and shareholders by UAE government authorities. This might have an influence on their participation in other firms or their capacity to start a new business in the future.

biztrack BusinessnbspBiztrack Business

Usually, business setup services in Dubai don’t offer liquidation services because a liquidator is a UAE-registered agency or firm, usually a chartered accounting or audit firm. Who is tasked with selling the company’s assets to earn cash and pay off any remaining debts? But here at Biztrack will offer you all the services at one platform in the instance of compulsory liquidation, a liquidator may be chosen by shareholders by resolution or by the courts. Immediately after being appointed, the liquidator will provide a formal letter of acceptance. They will write a statement of affairs and a liquidator’s report once all of their responsibilities have been fulfilled, which are required to complete the liquidation process.

Business Bank Account Services:

Another business setup service in Dubai includes opening a bank account services. Do you need help creating a bank account for your business? We’ve got you covered; you’ll need a bank account for your company to conduct smooth transactions in Dubai. The UAE has a world-class banking system that is recognized for its excellent customer service. Biztrack Business Setup Consultants can assist you with opening a bank account to form a Dubai company. We assist you in opening bank accounts with domestic banks. The majority of company owners are unaware of the differences between local and foreign banks.

We also assist business owners with bank account management. Biztrack Business Setup Consultants, offer a comprehensive range of bank account establishment and administration services to our clients. We have a staff of trained specialists that can suggest the bank that best meets your company’s demands. Our services will help you save valuable time.

When you opt to create a bank account in Dubai, you will receive several advantages.

  • Your information is kept private.
  • Banking services that are secure and dependable
  • Money may be easily withdrawn and deposited.
  • Services for online banking will be available.
  • Your account will have low maintenance fees.

The benefits of Dubai banking services are incalculable for a business owner. To create a non-residential bank account in the UAE, you’ll need to go through a process to authenticate your identification and biztrack will deal with all the legalities.

Biztrack as your Reliable Partner

Biztrack will give you the impression that your firm is based in the United Arab Emirates when you are looking for business setup services in Dubai. It’s never been easier to get started, and knowing how to do so makes it much easier. If you are looking for a business partner to assist you with forming a company in the UAE and releasing your dream platform, you may contact the Biztrack team for assistance. With enthusiasm, we will integrate long-term high-impact infrastructures with efficient customer service.

Biztrack will help you with company formation in Dubai. However, other types of company licenses require permission from specific ministries and government agencies for business setup in Dubai DED offers over 3000 activities classified under a variety of business license categories for investors to select from when establishing a business in the UAE. To successfully register your ideal company in the UAE, Team Aurion will assist you in selecting the appropriate business activity and license type.

  • A Professional License for specialized professional services, artists, and craftspeople
  • A commercial license that allows you to engage in any type of trading activity.
  • An Industrial License is required to start a manufacturing or industrial business.
  • The Department of Economic Development issues these permits (DED).

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