Freezone Company Formation Abu Dhabi

Freezone Company Formation Abu Dhabi - is a premium opportunity for foreign investors. Being the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates and holding approximately 80% of the country’s total land mass, Abu Dhabi is a major player in the sector.

The economy and facilities included in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone speak for themselves as the country’s most state-of-the-art enterprises are located here.

The gateway to the future lies in the formation of the Free Zone Company Formation Abu Dhabi, UAE is vital to the economic diversification of the emirate by boosting the local economy and promoting foreign investment.

The major sectors involved in Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation are media companies, logistics companies, light companies, and medium and heavy industries.

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    Advantages Of Setting Up A Freezone Company Formation

    • 100% foreign ownership with no requirements for a local shareholder/sponsor.
    • Full repatriation of all your profits and capital.
    • Restriction free import/ export customs duty for goods and services.
    • A wide array of variety when it comes to one of the world’s finest infrastructures.
    • Business friendly legal framework.
    • Quick processing times.
    • Fast access to high quality workers and restriction free immigration processes.
    • A hub for fintech disruption and tech savvy governments.
    Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation
    The Abu Dhabi Free Zones for strategic inclusion of your organization are listed below: Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ) Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) Free Zone Abu Dhabi Global Markets Free Zone (ADGMFZ) Industrial City of Abu Dhabi Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp) Masdar City Free Zone Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)
    How to Go About Setting Up a Free Zone Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE?
    The Government of Abu Dhabi is keen to facilitate and promote the formation of FreeZone Company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates through ease of foreign investment. This is why the roadmap for business setup is devoid of any unnecessary bureaucratic hassles, with a straightforward process and hassle-free documentation designed for quick processing times. Freezone Business Setup Dubai is independent jurisdiction established to act as a single window of governance and full ownership and operational control over its business enterprises (100% share), without participation mandate for an expatriate entrepreneur way to keep it. A citizen of the UAE. The Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority (FZA) is an independent government body that issues free zone licenses, controls the registration of non-resident companies, and provides assistance to companies setting up their business.
    Freezone Company Formation in Abu Dhabi
    The process of setting up a free zone company in Abu Dhabi, UAE is easy. This includes: 1. Deciding on your Business Activity 2. Official registration of your trade name 3. Approval from the Free Zone authorities 4. Issuance of the Free Zone Trade License
    Why BizTrack For Free Zone Company Formation in Abu Dhabi, UAE?
    BizTrack has an excellent team of legal professionals with extensive domain knowledge applicable to laws related to company formation in Abu Dhabi Free Zone, UAE. Furthermore, we are your strategic partner not only to ensure substantial tax savings. But we will determine the best free zone for your business by handling visa issuance, bank accounts, licensing, registration, residency, and recruitment prerequisites. We understand your company formation goals in the United Arab Emirates and have the brains and brains to turn those business dreams into reality. Contact us to set up a free zone company in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and our professional consultants will assist you as soon as possible.