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Freezone Company Formation in Sharjah, UAE: A Comprehensive Overview Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone BizTrack, a subsidiary of Sharjah Book Authority, is the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to establish their business in the UAE. With a focus on convenience and flexibility, we offer a streamlined process for company formation in the UAE, making us the smarter, simpler, and faster choice.

Our free zone business setup services provide a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs, eliminating the hassle and complexities often associated with business setup in the UAE. As a one-stop-shop entrepreneur platform, we ensure a seamless experience by offering a range of business support services in a customer-focused environment making it conducive to acquire business licenses in the UAE.

With over 1,500 business activities available, we cater to a wide range of industries, allowing entrepreneurs to explore diverse opportunities. Whether you’re in the publishing industry or have a different business venture in mind, our free zone offers the necessary licenses and modern facilities to accommodate your unique requirements.

Freezone Company Formation

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    Freezone Company Formation

    Strategically located between Africa, Europe, and Asia, Sharjah boasts of a low crime rate and a fair judicial system. It is considered as the largest shipping sector of the country and has created a strong industrial base for the United Arab Emirates.

    The government of the UAE has taken proactive steps to bring foreign investment for FreeZone Company Formation In Sharjah, UAE to create enormous opportunities for the business set up in Sharjah free zone which ranges across a wide variety of sectors.

    1) Hamriyah Free Zone
    2) Sharjah Airport International Free (SAIF) Zone
    3) The U.S.A. Regional Trade Center (USARTC) Free Zone
    4) Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone
    5) Sharjah Media City Free Zone
    6) Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI) Free Zone

    WHY SHOULD YOU GO FOR Company Formation Sharjah

    Company Formation Sharjah

    Free zone Company Formation Sharjah, UAE is a choice that you can never go wrong with as the government investor incentives offered with this trade license are unmatched. The liberal economic policies, cosmopolitan culture, and business friendly environment of Sharjah make it an ideal landscape for investors to begin their business. Free zone company formation in Sharjah, UAE is very cost effective in comparison to all other free zones within the UAE. The Sharjah free zones also offer budget friendly labor and land along with your trade license and a great incentives package to small and medium sized companies. The infrastructure in the emirate is highly developed while being accessible at the same time. In addition Free zone company formation in Sharjah, UAE allows for the added benefit of 24 hour licensing services dramatically speeding up the time taken for you to get started. Moreover, there are far fewer auditing and accounting requirements for Sharjah free zone license holders making the entire process that much more hassle free for you.

    Key Advantages Of Free Zone company formation in Sharjah, UAE

    1. 100% repatriation of both capital and profits.
    2. 100% free transfer of funds.
    3. Zero currency restrictions.
    4. 100% exemption on imports and exports.
    5. 100% foreign ownership.
    6. Abundant supply of low cost energy.
    7. Corporate tax exemptions.
    8. 24 – hour licensing services.
    9. Low cost facilities including warehouses and labors.
    10. Easy access to the largest ports and the airport.

    Why Choose BizTrack For Free Zone Company Formation In Sharjah, UAE ?

    Free zone company formation in Sharjah, UAE is an amazing opportunity with huge earning potential, world class infrastructure, free trade barriers, liberal governmental policies, and modern amenities, The process of free zone company formation in Sharjah, UAE is coherent and attainable but still requires detailed planning and execution with the right legal counsel to pave the pathway for your and at BizTrack we serve global investors seeking to further their grip on one of the world’s quickest developing regions in the most cost effective ways. Our experts take care of the entire company formation process beginning from conception to completion including banking, visas and legal licensing formalities.

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