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As the name would suggest, an Industrial Trade License In UAE is allotted to those individuals who would like to start a business with a scope of work closely related to industrial activities such as the manufacturing, accumulation, packaging, and processing of goods.

What is an Industrial Manufacturing License in Dubai?

An Industrial Manufacturing License in Dubai or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates is granted when the commercial activity undertaken is of an industrial nature, such as manufacturing or refining of petrochemicals.

If you are unsure of whether a particular business activity is industrial or not, the rule of thumb is that it is most likely to be industrial if it involves the use of specialized plant equipment.

industrial activity include Manufacturing of paper and/or paper-based products Production of bread on a commercial scale Anything involving the production or mixing of chemicals on a large scale Casting of metals Forging and/or assembly of machines / equipment / engines Packaging of food products, including bottling of carbonated drinks

Industrial Trade License

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    An Industrial Trade License In The UAE

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    Requirements To Apply For An Industrial Trade License In UAE

    A local sponsor who can hold 51% of the company share is mandatory to approve an industrial trade license.
    Physical offices and warehouses should be present anywhere within the UAE as the virtual office will not comply. The company must have a minimum of 5 workers.

    Industrial Trade License  Services

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