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Business Setup in Ajman Mainland With BizTrack

Are you interested in Ajman’s mainland business setup? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The process of business setup in Ajman mainland is widely known for its fast and effective processing times. With the assistance of BizTrack expert lawyers, this process gets a lot more evolved and quick.

BizTrack has experts who assist customers at each step of the way. We walk you through the complete licensing process and make sure that it becomes without any roadblocks. You can be assured that the idea of a business setup in Ajman mainland is a successful business incubator which is a great chance for growth and capitalization. You will discover that there is an ease of bureaucracy, an interconnected community, and modern resources.

Hence, if you are interested in setting up a business in the Ajman mainland then do not think twice and get in touch with us right away to start the process of business setup in Ajman mainland.


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Process For Ajman Mainland Company Formation

The common steps included during the business setup in Ajman mainland are carried out with absolute ease when BizTrack assists. This assistance offers a complete overview of the process that must be undertaken. You can be assured that everything will be made easy for you and there will be no cause for worry.

At BizTrack, we have a special team of expert legal counsels and advisors who help you in getting through the process mentioned below.

1. Company Application Submission

Our team of experts works on all the necessary documents required for filling in the forms and paperwork needed to start your application through the Sharjah municipality.

2. Authority Approval

The next step in this process includes getting approval from the inspection unit of the municipality for making sure that the business address and business activity are carried out in alignment

3. Trade Name Approval

The third step of the business setup in Ajman mainland is getting the trade name approval. This is a remarkable endeavor towards starting a business and involves getting the trade name approved to have a business officially registered with the government along with the issuance of a membership certificate.

4. Submit Approval

The team at BizTrack does all the heavy lifting by submitting all the information and receipts for getting accepted into the register of companies through the Ministry of Trade.

5. Business License

The last and final step in the Ajman mainland business setup is getting a business license. This is when all the documents are filled for releasing the official mainland company trade license in Ajman.

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    Types of Business Licenses For
    Mainland Company Formation in Ajman:

    1. National Industrial License

    Using a national industrial license, you can get exempted from customs duty. Your business should be registered with the Gulf of Cooperation Council and it must be at least 51% of the shares. At least 40% of the manufacturing process should be done in the Free Zone.

    2. Trading License

    This is another license for a business setup in Ajman mainland. If you choose to use your company to trade in Ajman then this is an important license. This includes the import, export, and re-export of goods and services in the United Arab Emirates

    3. Industrial License

    With an industrial license in Ajman, you can import raw materials for carrying out manufacturing, processing, and assembling specified products. The finished products are then exported outside the UAE. In case you plan to sell the products in the UAE then you can also find a local distributor or a local agent.

    4. Professional/Service License

    Another license for a business setup in Ajman mainland is the professional/services license. It can be granted to any UAE, foreign, or Free Zone entity that is capable of offering professional services.

    5. E-Commerce License

    The e-commerce license is for companies that wish to maximize the growing e-commerce segment of the GCC and the region. It facilitates online business entrepreneurs’ partnerships with the Free Zone.

    6. General Maintenance License

    To have a maintenance mainland company formation in Ajman, you will need a maintenance license. This is a business license that gives people and authority to make repairs and perform regular maintenance on buildings while keeping them in a good shape.

    Why You Should Go For a
    Business Setup in Ajman Mainland?

    1. Complete Ownership

    One of the most encouraging benefits of a business setup in Ajman Mainland is that you will have complete ownership of the company. There will be a 100% company hold which will empower you to develop the company even more.

    2. No Taxes

    There are almost negligible taxes imposed and there is complete repatriation of business capital.

    3. Import and Export Duties

    The duty fee for imports and exports can get a business down. However, in the Ajman mainland business setup, there is a complete exemption from import and export duties.

    4. Cost-effective Business Setup

    The process of a mainland company formation in Ajman is extremely cost-effective. There is no need to worry about high costs. You can start your business at an affordable fee.

    5. Modern Infrastructure

    To ensure that the Ajman mainland business setup is a successful endeavor for entrepreneurs, it is also ensured that state-of-the-art infrastructure is used.

    6. Strategic Locations

    The location of Ajman is strategic which allows more and more entrepreneurs to do a better job. Your business can become really successful if you choose the Ajman mainland business setup.

    Biztrack is a one-stop solution for all your business setup needs within the UAE. If you are interested in Ajman mainland business setup then do not think twice and get in touch with us for beginning the process.

    We can help you start the company formation from the beginning by offering you the best solutions needed for a successful business setup.


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