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Professional Trade License in UAE opens doors for entrepreneurs looking to establish a service-oriented business within the UAE.

BizTrack Help Professional Trade License is granted based on expertise and educational entitlements.

Professional Trade License in Dubai, UAE

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How to Get a Professional License in Dubai?

BizTrack allows you to have the business setup process to be accelerated exponentially. Acquiring a license includes several factors such as documentation, approval from the appropriate authorities, and municipalities.

It is crucial to have the right documents in place. Our team of lawyers at BizTrack have wide domain knowledge complemented with a decade’s worth of experience to ensure that you are not only getting your professional license approved but that all paperwork is being done at lightning speed.

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    The freedom of having 100% foreign ownership of your business within the UAE is actualized with establishing your Dubai Professional Trade License, and at BizTrack we favor you to have complete operational and judicial control over your business. Complete assistance provided by BizTrack for all related paperwork. Assistance with the opening of corporate bank accounts. Applications of Licenses, visas, obtaining labor quotas, translation services, etc… Are
    all included.

    How To Setup A Professional Service Based Business? The main factor about seeing your business vision transformed into reality lies in determining your business activity and allotting a set number of shareholders who will be key players within the organization. To have an in-depth understanding of the processes involved, BizTrack Dubai Professional Trade License will get you sorted!

    Our team is well versed in the requirements and action plans you will need to undertake. Dubai is great for business opportunities for local and foreign businesses. It offers two major categories for business operations – mainland zone and free zone.

    The mainland business zones only allow partial ownership of the business, and there are some other licensing restrictions as well. In the following post. If you wish to grow your Business Setup In Dubai, your success will largely be determined by your understanding of the market. It would be best, will be well invested and worthwhile. A regular license? The instant license services allow you to instantly get a professional or commercial license in Dubai.

    Minimum documentation. The Instant License Dubai is so straightforward that. Memorandum of Association (M.O.A.) Dubai Professional Trade License renewal. While business owners can start operating their businesses immediately after the issue of a Dubai Professional Trade License, the instant license also comes with a lenient documentation process. The business owners don’t have to complete the trade name registration for the first year of business.

    The application process is very easy. Getting a U.A.E. Mainland Dubai Professional Trade License is normally a lengthy process. It can get one or three months or more, depending on its services, document preparation time, and business-specific requirements. An instant license does not need a lease for twelve months, allowing investors to enter the market at a lower cost and to review the business market before acquiring high costs. The trade name and the initial approval stage quickly remove the license before it can be licensed for specific activities. products, services.

    companies legally qualify your business operations according to the U.A.E. regulations. purposes depending on the nature of the(D.E.D.) A Professional License From The D.E.D Offer You Are Entitled to Undertake The Activities the local sponsor has no equity participation or liability in business, nor can the local individual represent the office or participate in the management of the professional license holder’s profitable activities.

    The first thing you need to do before applying for a professional license is to prepare the list of activities that you or your business is planning to undertake. Then appoint a local sponsor who can support your professional license application per judicial requirements. Next, complete all the legal formalities to acquire the license. As the final step, you need to prepare all the documentation and submit it to the Dubai D.E.D. by paying the processing fee.

    The Dubai trade license is issued for the listed business domains: Civil company One person L.L.C. Limited liability company Sole proprietorship Am I qualified for an instant license? In addition to public / private shareholding entities, anyone can demand an instant license, including general trading companies. Instant licenses grant the following legal frameworks; Limited Liability Company (multiple shareholders), Single Limited Liability Company (single shareholder), sole proprietorship, civil company. Only foreign shareholders with a valid U.A.E.

    Residence Visa and Emirates ID can apply for an instant license and apply for a U.A.E. Smart Pass to finish the online application process. What are the Terms and Conditions to Get an Instant Dubai Professional Trade License? No papers desired to complete online applications. Think in mind, only the General Trading licenses in Dubai are requested and applied via the e-services platform of the D.E.D. Suppose you apply through other application channels. Then an individual should have a legal U.A.E. visa with him. Anyone of the investor or shareholders in the firm must be physically present when applying for a license in U.A.E.

    What documents are required for obtaining the Dubai trade license?

    Like every other license, the documents required for obtaining the instant license vary as per the business. Some Businesses require fewer documents for obtaining an instant license.

    At the same time, others require very few documents. There are two channels via which you can apply for an instant license: D.E.D. e-Services Platform Smart Lounge, Happiness Lounge, and Service Centers If you apply via the D.E.D. e-Services platform, you don’t require additional documents apart from your original I.D. for account creation.

    If you apply via any of the Happiness lounges, Smart Lounges, or Service Centers. The documents required are: Copies of the passports of all the partners and managers Copy of U.A.E. residence visa of the non Emiratis Emirates ID of the non-Emirates If the non Emirates don’t have a U.A.E. residence visa, they must submit a copy of the U.A.E.

    Visit visa. N.O.C. from the sponsor of residence visa holders Emirates ID and passport copies of the local sponsor how much does it cost to get a Dubai Professional Trade License? AED 250 must be provided by the applicant in the first year through a voucher. If you plan to obtain a license for operating in the mainland zone, it becomes essential to have a sponsor that charges an additional fee for sponsorship.

    What is the step-by-step process of obtaining an instant trade license? The step-by-step process of obtaining an instant trade license in Dubai: Log on to the D.E.D. e-Services platform and find the application form Select the business type and the shareholding structure of your business Select the trade name options and submit the share capital of your company Upload the required documents as per the given specifications for image size and type Successful registration will generate a payment voucher Make the payment.

    As the most developed, diversified, and expanded region in the U.A.E., it offers numerous business opportunities; It is no surprise that Dubai draws thousands of foreign people in business and international investors every year for their business set up in Dubai. After obtaining an instant trade license in Dubai, you are eligible to perform trade and do business activities in Dubai, U.A.E. For more information and registration, you can log on to the official websites of the D.E.D. and the Dubai Government.

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