Tourism Trade License DUBAI
Here What You Need To Know

A Tourism Trade License Dubai is needed by the organizations that operate in the travel and tourism industry in the UAE. Considered one of the premium hubs for tourists, Dubai stands as the fourth most visited city all across the world.

Hence, if you are looking forward to establishing a tourism business in Dubai then you are on the right path. Your business will have the added benefit of being a sought-after tourism business setup haven. It is very easy to apply for a tourism license in Dubai. In many ways, it is also pivotal because you are able to place your business in a region where tourism is slated to increase in numbers.

With the support of BizTrack, you can get a roadmap that is important for getting a Dubai Tourism Trade License while having the necessary expertise to guide you through the entire process and make things hassle-free for you.

Dubai Tourism License

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    Why Get a Dubai Tourism Trade License ?

    Choosing to open a Dubai Tourism Trade License can enable you to offer visit visas, conduct air ticket sales, plan guided tours, and carry out other tourism-oriented activities. Once you get a Dubai Tourism Trade License, you can also conduct international conferences, meetings, and events.

    The license can empower you to promote tourism activities inside and outside the country, assist you in finding an office space for your firm, and perform the travel license documentation as well.

    The travel and tourism sector in Dubai is witnessing massive investments for the past few years. It is a booming sector that allows entrepreneurs to make full use of technological and infrastructural advancements. Hence, you must make the most out of the Dubai Tourism Trade License .

    Tourism License For Sale in Dubai, UAE

    Types of Dubai Tourism Trade License

    A suitable Dubai tourism license is needed for the companies that function in the travel and tourism sector of Dubai. With Dubai, thriving as a tourist destination every day, the demand for tourism licenses in Dubai is growing substantially. Anyone planning to start their tourism business in Dubai must obtain a Dubai tourism license.

    There are three types of tourism licenses in Dubai. They are:

    1. Inbound Tourism License

    The businesses that are planning to conduct inbound tourism activities must possess an inbound tourism operation license. Almost all inbound tour operators are needed to get the same Dubai tourism license.

    It is useful for conducting tours and sightseeing activities within Dubai. An inbound tour operator can in fact arrange tour programs associated with events and conferences.

    2. Outbound Tourism License
    Both the inbound and outbound tour operations in Dubai are possible with an outbound Dubai tourism license. This means that the tour operators can arrange tour programs way beyond the limits of Dubai which is not true with an Inbound license.

    The outbound license holder has the added benefit of conducting meetings and conferences. It must be noted that the insurance policy requirement is compulsory for outbound licenses too.

    3. Travel Agent License
    A travel agent tourism license in Dubai is needed for agents who are involved in activities such as Visa support, travel accommodation, tour and sightseeing operations, ticket sales, transportation, etc.

    The prerequisites for the travel agent license are similar to outbound and inbound licenses. There is an initial requirement which says that the Department of Civil Aviation’s NOC or No Objection Certificate is compulsory for license issuance.

    BizTrack helps you get a tourism license in Dubai so that you can set up your tourism business easily. Our team of experts ensures that you get effective tourism license services following all the important steps for registration.

    How to Apply for a Tourism License for Sale in Dubai?

    Dubai is a tourism hub which is why getting a tourism license in Dubai is not so complicated in case you follow the necessary steps. Below mentioned are the documents needed to get a Dubai tourism license so that you can easily set up your travel and tourism business.

    Dubai Tourism Trade License

    1. Application Form
    2. Applicant’s Passport (Copy)
    3. Proof of educational and professional qualification of manager
    4. A certificate that endorses no criminal record Business Plan
    5. Police clearance certificate of the company manager and owner
    6. Civil Aviation Authority’s NOC
    7. Attested documents supporting office space of 30 sq meters.

    BizTrack makes the entire process of setting up a tourism business in Dubai an easy and comfortable process. In case you are interested in getting a tourism license for sale in Dubai then you can connect with our experts at BizTrack for discovering license requirements in complete detail along with a plan that will be catered to your convenience.

    If you start today then you will soon be able to see your business dream come true. Get going and contact us to get a Dubai tourism license, today.